Connecting Pathways



We are firm believers that every person holds within them a unique life story to be told and heard. 

My wife and I have been through many times of difficulty in relationships and have benefited greatly from the advice and support of others.

We want to enable others to have fulfilling and satisfying relationships by collaborating with them on our shared experiences and guiding them through the lessons learned. 


How we can help you


We work with you to identify goals as well as  potential solutions to problems which cause emotional turmoil. 

- Improving communication
& coping skills

- Strengthen self-esteem


- Promote behaviour change

- Support mental health


Debriefing is a crucial process that allows you the opportunity to think about the past and reflect purposefully on events and how they have impacted your life.

Gaining deeper insight and clarity about past events, what they mean and what skills they have equipped you with to move ahead.


Supervision promotes good practice, focusing on the practitioner's work with their clients. 

The supervision process is a joint endeavour that aims to identify solutions, improve practice and increase understanding of both professional and clinical issues.


Everyone has their story but life often blurs the lines.

Come and find your focus with us, as we help guide you

towards clarity and understanding.