Reflection & Forward Thinking

Debriefing is the crucial process that allows you the opportunity to think about the past and reflect purposefully on events and how they have impacted your life.


Through this process you will be able to deal with any issues that might be impacting your decisions about the future. Gaining deeper insight and clarity about past events, what they mean and what skills they have equipped you with to move ahead.

Debriefing is for anyone who is experiencing change or transition in their life. You may have recently immigrated, been forced to change jobs, been made redundant, experienced a disastrous or traumatic event, suffered significant loss, or just wondering “Where to from here?” Debriefing gives you the opportunity to expand your understanding of what happened, to ask questions, to verbalize and express your emotions, to be listened to and understood, and to bring closure to events.

How it Works? 


Our debriefing is a week long process - arriving Sunday evening and leaving after lunch the following Friday. During this week, time is spent with the two debriefers - individual, couple or family, with sessions held in the mornings. The rest of the time is unstructured allowing you to spend time working on personal tasks, resting and relaxing.

What you can expect:

  • to share your journey with two debriefers listening to you, who are neutral and impartial.

  • to process your journey with the debriefers and also in your own personal time of reflection.

  • the debriefers have training and/or qualifications, experience and skills in debriefing and counselling.

  • full confidentiality as per normal counselling service.



Are you ready to take the next step?

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